Top 7 Cooking Methods Known to Many

All of us love to eat but only a few of us are really, really good in preparing delicious recipes. Food can be prepared in different ways and style. We all want to cook our food according to what we want it to taste. Like for those who hate too much spices and just want eat plain-tasting dish, they would prefer to just steam or boil the meat or veggies.

The cooking methods employed in preparing dishes sometimes depend on the age group and health condition of those who will eat the dish. In restaurants, they sometimes cook special dishes for the elderly and there are also meals for health-conscious individuals or those who are watching their diet.

There are various cooking methods that many of us apply in preparing our food. Some countries even have experimented in different cooking styles and it sometimes depend on the country’s culture but for the most part there are about 15 most common cooking methods worldwide.

Below are the top 7 cooking methods that most of us know and can perform.

1.) Boiling
This is the simplest cooking method that only involves cooking the food in boiling water. The heat applied to the water allows the food to get cooked. You can boil eggs, meat and even vegetables. Boiling can also be applied to tenderize meat before the meat will be cooked in another way.

2.) Steaming
This is a cooking method that uses steam in cooking food. It can be observed that Chinese people love steaming different food – fish, dumplings and other desserts. Steaming is believed to be a good way to keep the nutrients of the food we are cooking. It is considered healthy because only the steam from boiling water cooks the food so there in less energy involved and the food tastes natural.

3.) Frying
Frying is the most common cooking method that many love to do because it is easy and does not involve many steps. You just pour cooking oil in a heated pan then put the meat or any food you want to fry. There are foods that only need a small amount of cooking oil while others need to be deep fried so you have to pour the required amount of cooking oil.

4.) Baking
Most housewives love to bake and prepare cakes, cookies and other baked goods for their children. Baking is done by surrounding the food with heat in an enclosed container. An oven is the common enclosed container we use to bake. The heat enclosed in the oven cooks the food inside.

5.) Roasting
Roasted is done by placing the food in direct contact with heat and is considered a semi dry cooking method. Roasted chicken is one the famous chicken recipes loved by many.

6.) Blanching
Blanching is a method where the food usually vegetables are cooked over boiling water to make their skin easier to peel. This is usually done to stop the activity of enzymes caused by freezing food for a long time.

7.) Barbecuing
This cooking method is done by applying heat to the food directly from below using wood, hot coals, cooking gas or electric current. Barbecuing varies in different countries but not doubt it is done outside the house or in an open area.

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